Friday, February 7, 2014

One Sketch A Day

Five weeks in!

A lovely Solstice gift from a friend has turned into what I hope will be a year long project. The "One Sketch A Day"sketchbook has been filling out day by day. I splurged and bought a nice "Pen & Ink" brand fountain pen to go along with the gift.

I have not been making enough art during my traumatic events of the past few years. It feels good to be drawing regularly again. The act of creating, even if only for just a few minutes a day, is meditative and opens my mind to ideas for larger projects in the future.

"Happy Socks" February 1, 2014

I tend to draw from fifteen minutes to an hour per session and subjects are whatever I see around me during my daily routine. Life is busy and if I skip a day's sketch I make two small sketches the next day or one larger one, full page. I am drawing from observation instead of using reference photographs. I like the diary aspect of the project as well. Five weeks in, I feel my confidence returning and I am not as intimidated to begin as I was the first week or two. I get excited when I see something I want to add to the book and often fire right in. In the coming months I hope to draw more people who may be out enjoying life's quiet moments in establishments or outdoor settings in Galena and other places I travel.

I am looking forward to where this journal will take me throughout year. Happy to be alive and well and able to make art one year post craniotomy!

Peter/Anngela's Medicine Pouch/Capp January 21 - 24

Through My Kitchen Window/Banister Detail January 25 - 28

Marty & Peter/Walnut Ink January 5/6, 2014

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