Monday, November 30, 2009

3 Shows for the Holidays

Vintalogie Shop, Galena Illinois

My Irish works are being shown now through December 20th at the McCord House Gallery in Palos Park, IL for a special holiday event.

A selection of my Black Butterfly charcoal works are on display for the month of December at the Vintalogie Shop on Main Street in the historic town Galena, Illinois.

I'll be on hand at The Beverly Arts Center, Chicago, on Saturday, December 5th for the Artist's Studio Sale event. I'll be exhibiting various small works for this one day only event. Everything at the show is priced $300 and under.

Also, my work is now included on the A Stroke of Genius portrait artist website. I'm in excellent company!


Alia El-Bermani said...

As if it wasn't a busy enough month... sheesh girl! You are busy! Congrats on all the shows and Happy Holidays.

Alice McMahon White said...

Just trying to move stock. ;) Thanks and happy Holidays to you too Alia!

Elena said...

I'm still impressed with your work. I can only imagine what it must look like 'live'.

I'm curious, do you teach? I can't draw portraits so I'm not asking for that reason. I was just curious.

butterfly woman said...

Hi Alice,
Neat that you're showing at McCord. That's in my neighborhood. I've always wanted to get a better look at your work!
Ah the holidays and showing our work. can it get better than that?