Thursday, April 30, 2009


From the Black Butterfly series, The subject is an artist in real life, and the butterfly in the crystal ball is representative of her muse, but this is open to interpretation. The narcissus flower in the frame is also symbolic of the subject looking into the mirror. Charcoal on mylar drafting film in vintage 1967 mirror frame. Image size 20×11” framed to 30×17”

Model, Myspace friend Lana Gentry, from a photo by Kristy Evans.

Lana is someone that is often the subject of art created by her friends and fans, and she is also a talented visionary artist in her own right. I thought Lana would make an appropriate model for my butterfly-as-muse series. Here she is (seen as muse of another Myspace friend, photographer Kristy) musing and mesmerized over her own butterfly-muse in the crystal ball.


Pierre Raby said...

Beautiful and mysterious- a great drawing Alice!

Alice McMahon White said...

Thank you Pierre! xx